Brave Feminine Leadership

Kris Grant - Type A, the letter A, A+ conversation

September 30, 2022

For the past nine years, Kris Grant has been leading ASPL Group as CEO, overseeing its management consulting, training and recruitment divisions to deliver major transformational projects, strategic leadership training, and personnel resourcing to improve business functions and increase productivity across Australia’s public and private sectors. A champion of emerging leaders and an ambassador for workplace Equality, Kris reached C-level by age 32 as a mother of two young children. She honed her management skills while leading over 50,000 staff throughout Asia Pacific at a global talent management firm where she held the position of CFO and COO. Kris pushed hard in her career to influence change with middle aged white men… Then she moved on.
Join Kris and I as we discuss the reason she ended up sick all the time, why she is kinder to herself these days, tackling mean girl behaviour and why she treats herself like an elite athlete these days. We also discuss how everyone wants to be successful but most people don’t know how to do it.

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