Brave Feminine Leadership

Jo Horgan, MECCA - The key to an exciting life

August 26, 2022

Join Jo and I as we discuss what she believes is the greatest unlocker to an exciting life and happiness, why starting out with no network is ok, the leadership book she reads every year and why an incredible female leader was the drawcard for her to choose L’Oreal to start her career. Jo Horgan, MECCA Brands Founder and Co-CEO opened her first Mecca Cosmetica store in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra in 1997. 25 years later, MECCA Brands has more than 4,000 team members and over 100 stores in Australia and New Zealand. It is a brand close to the heart of so many of us. She has built a business that is over 90% female, is inspired by leaders who have made it by sheer grit and determination. Today, she is authentic and unapologetic and believes in backing emerging leaders to take a risk on themselves. Our conversation is full of so many tips for building and retaining confidence and how to harness our inner voice, our worst enemy if we don’t check it.

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