Brave Feminine Leadership

Diane Smith Gander - A work in progress

August 12, 2022

Diane Smith Gander has had a varied 40 year business career in banking and consulting and is a non-executive director. She is currently Chair of ZipCo and DDH1, Chair elect of HBF Health and is a non-executive director of AGL Energy. Diane is a keen advocate for gender equity and is a past president of Chief Executive Women. In her own words she shares her leadership style had “hairs on it” and how critical it was that she decided to change. Together we discuss the brilliant advice she got from a mentor she should have stayed connected with, the key to understanding what tops your resilience bucket up and why building diverse networks is so important.
This is a pull no punches conversation. Join Diane and I as we discuss the sneaking suspicion that shifting from a P&L role too early may have led to her missing senior line roles later in her career.

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