Brave Feminine Leadership

Bob Rae, CEO Clear Captions - Push to the edge of what you’re capable of

September 23, 2022

Together Bob Rae and I discuss the lessons he absorbed from his mother as the corporate executive - painting an exciting vision far from his coal mining hometown. The hard work and customer ethics from his entrepreneurial father and the benefit of his psychology degree in understanding and leading people. Bob moved often to chase growth and stretch himself to the edge of his capabilities, his advice in this regard is a must listen. We also discuss the power of having and being a good sponsor. Listen to why he has executives who have followed him from company to company. With over 30 years of success in technology, telecommunications and services business, Bob Rae is the CEO and President of ClearCaptions, a US based phone captioning company that today is a nationwide company in the US serving hundreds of thousands of hard-of-hearing consumers. Bob and I were lucky to meet on life’s journey, when he was a highly valued client of mine years ago. I thank him for adding his voice to this conversation.

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